About me

Iines Aaltonen

I’ve been writing my own lifestyle blog since year 2009. During these past 9 years my blog has reached thousands of unique readers every week. When it comes to blogging I have always done it my own unique way. What feels right at the moment, writing about things I love and I’m passionate about. Lifestyle, travelling, beauty, family, my own thoughts and opinions. But what is most important, keeping it real!


Here are some facts about me:

Current location: Helsinki, Finland

Age: 31

Mother of the sweetest boy, born in May 2016

Countries visited: 40+ and many more to come

Girlfriend for a surfing beach bum

The best place to be… is on the beach

Things I love: My family, sunlight, little things in life, coffee, bags, fashion and beauty innovations.

When I want to relax: I go for a run or a yoga class


Something in mind?

Please contact me at: iines@it-aint-hard-to-tell.com